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Finally, I have a job now.

And it's one that pays better than minimum wage, and finally I have a full-time job that is going to offer benefits (after 90 days), and hopefully it will be one I can get a measure of satisfaction from.

But first, gotta make it through training.
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Apparently some time back in July, LoudTwitter decided to get quiet.

Nobody noticed, I suspect.

Also a strange thing: I can't see any friend's entries from before Christmas.

So a quick update:
I'm in college now. It's not going so great, but I've made it three semesters so it's better than any past attempts. Semester four starts Monday.

Computer upgrades have occurred. However, my monitor died on Christmas. But I got a (CRT) monitor on New Year's from a friend, so that's working out, mostly. Except it doesn't have a good place to be thanks to my cramped roomspace.

I have a laptop and iPhone now. The laptop is pretty much strictly for classwork. Here's hoping the iPhone will help with sticking to a budget and with keeping track of events. And due dates.

I still play FFXI. I sort of play FFXIV as well, but it takes a long time to patch version updates due to closed ports. And it strains my system something fierce.
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